Suplementary Materials for SSFT 2015



Suggested Reading

  1. A. Gurfinkel, T. Kahsai, and J. A. Navas, Algorithmic Logic-Based Verification. (PDF)
  2. A. Gurfinkel, T. Kahsai, A. Komuravelli, and J. A. Navas, The SeaHorn Verification Framework. (PDF)
  3. N. Bjørner, A. Gurfinkel, K. McMillan, and A. Rybalchenko, Horn Clause Solvers for Program Verification. (PDF)
  4. A. Gurfnkel, IC3, PDR, and Friends. (PDF)
  5. A. Komuravelli, A. Gurfinkel, and S. Chaki, SMT-based Model Checking for Recursive Programs. (arXiv)
  6. N. Bjørner and A. Gurfinkel, Property Directed Polyhedral Abstraction. (PDF)
  7. A. Komuravelli, N. Bjørner, A. Gurfinkel, K. McMillan, Compositional Verification of Procedural Programs using Horn Clauses over Integers and Arrays. (PDF)

Other References

  1. LLVM Language Reference Manual